About Us

For more than 20 years, The Brace Shops has had a single focus: to offer the best prosthetics and orthotics solutions possible, enabling people to regain their independence and lead fulfilling lives.

Unwavering Dedication to Quality Care:

We understand that every individual’s needs are unique. That’s why we offer a wide range of top-quality prosthetic and orthotic devices, from canes and back braces to customized metal bracing.

We source only the best materials and utilize cutting-edge technology to ensure the comfort, functionality, and durability of each device.

Our Blogs:
In addition to providing top-notch prosthetic and orthotic solutions, we are also committed to empowering individuals through knowledge and community.

Our blog is a valuable resource where you can find informative articles, helpful tips, and inspiring stories related to limb loss, orthotics, and overall well-being.

Whether you’re seeking guidance on daily living adaptations, exploring different prosthetic options, or simply looking for support and connection, our blog is here to accompany you on your journey.

Customization Made Easy:

We believe in providing solutions that are not just effective, but also personalized to your individual preferences.

We offer customization options for color, size, and dimension for most of our devices, crafted in one of our three conveniently located shops.

Our skilled technicians can often even make adjustments while you wait, minimizing inconvenience.

Your Trusted Partner in Rehabilitation:

Our team of licensed professionals is passionate about helping individuals achieve their full potential.

We take pride in building strong relationships with our patients, collaborating closely with you and your doctor to understand your specific needs and goals.

We are dedicated to providing exceptional service, ongoing support, and expert guidance throughout your journey.

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