Top Retirement Destinations 2024


Uruguay is a small South American nation of 3.5 million. Latin America's most democratic and egalitarian.


Many expats live in cities, seaside towns, and mountains throughout Spain.Spain boasts a great variety of locally grown fruit and vegetables and is cheap when avoiding tourist locations.


Malta, a small Mediterranean island near Sicily, Greece, and Tunisia, is beautiful. Half a million people live there, 15% foreigners. Island's east coast has the most heavily populated cities.


France is an excellent choice for culture, food, wine, history, and climate.The French have good healthcare and a low cost of living, especially outside major cities.


Ecuador has great weather. Warm and temperate places are available on the coast and in the Andes.


Living near the coast is fantastic in Santa Marta or Cartagena. Consider living in a hilly city like Medellín.Colombia is cheap to live in. Apartment rentals, restaurants, and entertainment are included.


Whether you live in Lisbon, Porto, the Algarve, or elsewhere is up to you.Portugal is safe and tranquil, with the lowest living costs in Western Europe and a pleasant climate.

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