The Best And Worst Dog Food From Humans

Salmon is good for your dog because of its nutrients and vitamins, despite its upscale appearance. It also contains omega-3s for healthy skin and fur.


All apple parts except the seeds are dog-friendly. Cyanide is in the seeds. Cut slices for a tasty, healthy dog treat.


If prepared without seasoning and bones, chicken is safe for dogs. A good source of protein and amino acids.


Fiber-rich oatmeal aids dog digestion. Let it cool before serving them.


If your dog has poor breath, cut and sprinkle parsley on their food. It adds minerals and neutralizes stink.

The Herb Parsley

Grapes and raisins are highly poisonous to dogs. Compounds in them can cause renal failure.


Bacon is meat, so you might believe your dog can eat it. Pancreatitis can result from bacon's high fat content.


Most pet owners realize this meal is hazardous to dogs. Theobromine in chocolate can build up in dogs and cause several problems.


Dogs can suffer anemia from onions because they damage red blood cells. Dinnertime onion prep? Keep them away from the chopping board.


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