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The 7 Best South American Countries To Visit

Argentina's immensity makes it tough to explore, yet its towns, cities, and natural areas are stunning.


Venezuelan independence fighter Simon Bolivar helped liberate Bolivia, hence its name.Bolivia's combination of popular landmarks and less tourism infrastructure creates an off-the-beaten-path experience.


Brazil, the continent's largest country, has made travel folklore with its famous landmarks, stunning natural wonders, and diverse towns and cities.


Colombia has recovered effectively from Escobar's damage to society and international reputation. Today, backpackers, explorers, and families seeking a beach getaway visit.


Chile spans 2,500 miles north to south but is just 217 miles broad. The parched Atacama, glacial lakes of Patagonia, crowded Santiago, and peaceful Pucon are all contrasts in Chile.


Machu Picchu, a mystical, almost sacred destination, has long drawn tourists to Peru. Cusco is a great base for seeing this Inca stronghold.


Uruguay is one of the continent's smaller countries, between Argentina and Brazil on the Atlantic. Once neglected in favor of its more glamorous neighbors, it has become one of the region's safest and most stable countries.


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