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The 10 Healthiest Yogurt Brands, According to Dietitians


Known for its high protein content and lower sugar content compared to many other yogurt brands.


Offers Greek yogurt options that are rich in protein and low in added sugars.


Provides a wide range of Greek yogurt options with various flavors and fat percentages, including non-fat and low-fat options.

Stonyfield Organic:

Known for its organic ingredients and commitment to sustainable practices, with options for Greek yogurt and traditional yogurt.

Wallaby Organic:

Offers organic yogurt options made from grass-fed milk and containing live and active cultures.


A brand that produces Icelandic-style yogurt known for its thick and creamy texture, high protein content, and low sugar content.

Anita's Yogurt:

Offers a variety of organic yogurt options, including Greek yogurt, made with high-quality ingredients and live cultures.

Maple Hill Creamery:

Known for its grass-fed organic yogurt, which is rich in beneficial nutrients like omega-3 fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA).

Nancy's Yogurt:

Provides organic yogurt options made with probiotics and live active cultures to support gut health.

Green Valley Creamery:

Offers lactose-free yogurt options made from organic ingredients and containing live and active cultures for digestive health.