Surreal Rock Formations Worldwide

The spectacular and lesser-known Tsingy Rouge in Madagascar has jagged red limestone pinnacles. This strange scenery was generated by sandstone erosion and contrasts with the lush flora.

Madagascar's Tsingy Rouge

In La Gomera, Roque de Agando stands towering. The landscape is dominated by this volcanic basalt monolith. The island's fiery past is reflected in its majestic presence.

Roque De Agando, Canaries

Egypt's White Desert is otherworldly. Sandstorms carved its chalky, white rock formations into mushroom and animal shapes, producing a moon-like scene. Visiting here feels like entering another world.

Egypt's White Desert

Mongol Turtle Rock in Gorkhi-Terelj National Park is stunning. This geological marvel and Mongolian folklore emblem is shaped like a huge turtle.

Mongolia's Turtle Rock

Bolivia's Árbol de Piedra, or Stone Tree, sits alone amid the bizarre Siloli Desert. Wind erosion turned this rock formation into a tree, demonstrating nature's strength.

Arbol De Piedra, Bolivia

Half Dome at Yosemite National Park symbolizes natural beauty. The flat face and rounded summit of this granite dome make it difficult to hike to its stunning views.

Half Dome, USA

Bunker Bay, Western Australia, is a hidden gem with stunning rock formations against the Indian Ocean.

Australia's Bunker Bay

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