Legendary Soda Being Discontinued Due to Low-Quality

Wegmans has many reasons to adore it, but this week it's breaking hearts by eliminating a fan favorite. The grocery chain is removing WPOP 

"Our 'Food You Feel Good About' banner means no artificial colors, flavoring, or preservatives. Wegmans Brand Soda contains aspartame 

and high fructose corn syrup, therefore we discontinued it. "We want you to trust Wegmans Brand products and help customers live healthier

This may surprise longtime soda drinkers. "The news today is making me think about WPOP—I think almost every holiday

family photo from my childhood features at least one person holding a root beer or a lemon-lime," a longtime fan wrote.

If it seems familiar, Americans have loved WPOP for decades. "If @Wegmans is truly getting rid of their branded soda, it's worth pointing 

out how big of a deal WPOP was when first introduced in the late '80s," one social media user remarked with a video of the initial wild commercial.

According to RochesterFirst.com, the business "will not be producing any additional Wegmans Brand soda, and anticipate selling

So buyers are stocking up while they can. One Twitter user shared, "Just bought nine 59¢ clearance WPop bottles. #AMA"

WPOP fans may be disappointed, but some support the discontinuation. It's great what they're doing.

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