Keys To Ultimate Self Care

This is usually a good idea, but it's even better if you accentuate your blessings. This provides context.

Create A Journal

A long shower helps you relax and cleanse your mind. Warm up for deep slumber with one before bed.

Take A Refreshing Shower

Many of us stare at computer screens all day. Regular breaks and closing your eyes can help you relax.

Rest Your Eyes

The health benefits of laughing and relaxing with friends are well documented. You can easily neglect friendships, so make time to see others.

Spend Time With Friends

This is crucial for several reasons, but the largest is that it lets you start your day gently without stress or pressure.

Eat Breakfast Before Phone

Sometimes planning is half the fun! Planning ahead makes it cheaper and gives you something to look forward to.

Plan A Trip

Someone always complaining on Facebook? Or boasting on Instagram? Are they boring you or making you feel bad? Unfollow, unfriend. Life is too short.

Unfollow Negativity

A podcast can help you relax, whether it's current affairs, humor, or something else that draws your attention.

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