Jessica Simpson Reveals Secrets to 100-Pound Weight Loss

Jessica Simpson is defending herself against accusations that she took Ozempic to reduce weight. 

In a new Bustle interview, the mom of three denied using the diabetes medicine to lose 100 pounds. 

Strong willpower helps when you crave certain foods, are too fatigued to workout, feel disheartened about your progress, and more." 

Pasternak said Simpson was determined to lose weight and came to workouts with a positive mindset. 

Step tracking can motivate "PCOS and menopausal dietician Bess Berger says. 

"I meet them where they are and build from there, even though 10,000 steps are recommended. 

Lean protein and vegetables are low in calories and provide protein and fiber, which help you stay full "Williams notes. 

"Appetite management is crucial to weight loss. 

Berger says, "Vegetables are a healthy food staple. 

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