Jason Momoa Has a Pants-Off Dance-Off in New Saturday Night Live Promo: 'I'm Back, Baby'

The 44-year-old star of Aquaman was shown in a promotional video for this week's episode of the renowned late-night sketch program literally having his pants down before his appearance on Saturday.

Momoa dances triumphantly down the halls as he enters studio 8H while video snippets of his best moments from the show play on television.

As he discreetly advances toward the stage, cast member Ego Nwodim appears from behind him, looking bewildered. Momoa tosses his hat into the empty audience and spins around.

"Ego, I'm so glad you're back!" With a broad smile, Momoa exclaims. Nwodim replies, pointing to his bare lower body, which is pixelated on the screen, "Yeah, hey, we love you, you just can't be wearing your underwear." "This is an office."

"No!" he exclaims. “I apologize. I tend to forget my pants when I get excited.

The actor gives Nwodim a sly grin and exclaims, "No chance!" as he proposes they go grab Momoa some clothing to wear.

He turns to face the stage again, giddy, and starts dancing in slow motion as he sees Marcello Hernandez, the featured player, strolling around with a script.

He lets out his name, and Momoa gives him a hug before picking him up and holding him in his arms.