Home Organization Kitchen Storage Ideas

Include Deep Drawers

Forget about stooping and searching a cabinet for a colander/grater/lasagna dish. Instead, organize everything in drawers.

Use The Room's Full Height

Free up floor space in small kitchens with cabinets that maximize storage.

Sliding Door Storage

tiny kitchen storage for a tiny space? A sliding-door cabinet is ideal for storing kitchen debris when guests arrive.

Built In Storage For Tiny Goods

Keys, notes, and periodicals cause clutter in even the most luxurious kitchens.


It's fine to hide clutter, but a kitchen with only cabinetry might be monotonous.

Blend Into A Thin Cabinet

A slim countertop cabinet with plenty of capacity for glasses, cups, and more is a great kitchen storage concept.

Freestanding Kitchen Storage

Freestanding furniture is a common kitchen storage solution in houses with limited space or uneven walls.

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