High Paying, Worldwide Travel Jobs


Interpreters and translators can use their language talents overseas and tour the world.

Meeting Organizer

Meeting planners provide food and location for events, conventions, and other meetings. Traveling to their events is common.

English Teacher Abroad

Travel enthusiasts can learn about other cultures and meet new people by teaching English abroad.

Travel Writer/Blogger

Many young individuals dream of being travel bloggers. Competition is strong, and while it lets you travel for a living, it's time-consuming.

Government Diplomat

State-appointed diplomats represent the sending state abroad. Diplomats usually serve two to three years, depending on their position and experience.

Cruise Entertainer

You can combine your love of travel and performance by auditioning to be a cruise ship entertainer.


Intelligence officers gather data for security and international policy. It's hard to become a spy, yet they travel the world.


Logistics managers oversee an organization's supply chain from supplier to consumer. A corporation with an international supply network will require frequent travel.

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