Hairstyles You Should Never Wear If You Are Over 40

Excessive tease can cause your hair to appear damaged and antiquated, prematurely aging you.

1. Excessive Teasing

While extensions can add volume and length, they can appear unnatural and draw attention to aging features if they are excessively long.

2. Ultra-Long Extensions

Extremely vivid or unnatural hair colors, such as neon pink or green, can conflict with mature skin tones and appear unsuitable.

3. Overly Bright Hair Colors

Too-tight ponytails can accentuate fine lines and creases, making you appear older than you actually are.

4. Tight Ponytails

Haircuts that were prevalent decades ago, such as the "mullet" and "rat tails," can make you appear dated.

5. Outdated Cuts

Complicated, intricate updos can appear too formal and prematurely age you. For a youthful appearance, simplicity typically functions best.

6. Overly Complicated Updos

Thick, heavy bangs can diminish the appearance of your face and draw attention to fine lines and creases.

7. Heavy Bangs

While some volume can be flattering, excessive volume can make your hairstyle appear antiquated and age you.

8. Too Much Volume

Extremely straight hair can elongate the face and accentuate flaws, making it less flattering for women over 40.

9. Stick-Straight Hair

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