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Easy Ways To Hydrate Without Drinking Water

Tea is a good way to hydrate without water. Tea is an excellent H2O substitute because it's 100% water flavored with herbs.

Drink Tea

Many say not to drink coffee when dehydrated. However, coffee is brewed with water, so it's not horrible.

Have Coffee

Keep hydrated with milk. Evidence suggests milk may be more hydrating than water!

Consume Milk

Fruit helps you drink more water. Many fruits are water-rich. Watermelon is 92% water.

Eat Fruit

Fresh vegetables are also water-rich. Bell peppers, squash, and celery hydrate best.

Consume Veggies

Leafy greens are mainly water, so a leafy salad is an excellent way to hydrate. Mix them with fresh veggies for a refreshing side.

Eating Salad

Soups are hydrating because they're liquid. Clear soups like chicken noodle are ideal because they contain the most water.


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