Dean McDermott Admits He 'Inflicted a Lot of Damage and Pain' on Tori Spelling

Dean McDermott admits that his substance misuse slowly destroyed his 18-year marriage to Tori Spelling.

In a new Daily Mail interview, McDermott said he broke from Spelling in June while drunk as he posted on Instagram. The post inspired Spelling to push her sober ex to seek treatment.

"All Tori's ever done to this day is want me to be happy and healthy and I inflicted a lot of damage and pain on that woman," McDermott said.

The 90210 actress married McDermott on May 7, 2006, and reaffirmed their vows on May 8, 2010. They have five children: Stella Doreen, 15, Hattie Margaret, 12, Liam Aaron, 16, Finn Davey, 11, and Beau Dean, 6.

McDermott said he became more alcoholic and abused prescription drugs and publicly cheated on his wife over two decades after their wedding, despite their romance being "a total fairytale."

"I mean, it was a beautiful love story," McDermott told Mail. "Love at first sight and getting married in the most beautiful way possible."