Costco Customers Are Intrigued by Chocolate Chip Cheese

Costco groceries are among the most discussed online. Remember its Cauliflower Crust Pizza,

which went viral on Reddit? The Super Premium Vanilla Ice Cream everyone raved about?

Then there are items that distinguish themselves by being so odd. One is Zappala's Baked Chocolate Chip Ricotta, which is trending again. 

Shoppers like the cheese because it incorporates chocolate, which is unusual for cheese.

On December 18, @costcobuys posted on Instagram that the culinary mashup is now available at the warehouse, stating,

"This cheese is versatile and delicious…"Any chocolate ricotta pancakes?" People had a lot to say.

The package describes the $13.89-per-pound Italian-imported ricotta as "creamy dessert cheese with chocolate," saying it

"Pairs well with prosecco." Okay, so the cheese is a dessert, which explains the chocolate, but it still makes most of us gasp.

"Looks absolutely delicious," Instagram user said.  Several people disliked the item. A user wrote, "No! "Just NO!" and "This is peak america 

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