Brain Signs Of Faster Aging Than You

Losing our sense of smell is normal with age, but premature loss can indicate brain disease.

Sensation Of Smell

Odor and taste go together. If you continually add salt or sugar to your diet, you may be losing your taste. Premature brain aging illnesses may cause this.

No Longer Taste Foods As Well

Your gait can reveal health issues. A study indicated that gait speed and memory decline predict dementia.

Slower Walking

Learning challenges owing to cognitive deterioration are harder than we expected. There is scant indication that older persons have weaker recollections.

Learning Takes Longer

Mild memory loss is normal as we age, but when you start forgetting things like the month or season, asking the same questions, or getting lost in familiar places, that's a red flag.

Your Memory Differs

Although not directly linked, depression may cause accelerated brain aging. A study discovered that early depression accelerates brain aging later in life.

Being Depressed

In old age, our brains lose receptors and neurons, which can affect focus and concentration. Our brains can learn to ignore distractions.

You're Easily Distracted

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