Best And Worst Tooth Foods

Citrus fruits provide many vitamin and mineral benefits. However, they damage teeth. Fruit juices like grapefruit and lemon are acidic. Acid breaks down tooth enamel and causes cavities.

Citrus Fruits

These bright and tasty treats are bad for your teeth. Pieces get trapped between your teeth when you chew them. Your mouth bacteria burn sugar to generate acid, decaying your teeth.

Chewy Candy

Hard candy doesn't get lodged in teeth, yet it still causes issues. The first flavor is citric acid. Second, because they take longer to consume than other candy, the bacteria have more opportunity to produce acid.

Hard Candy

Soaking pickles in vinegar gives them their taste. But eating one pickle a day increases tooth wear by 85%, according to study.


You may think only sugary drinks are hazardous for teeth. Citric and phosphoric acid make sugar-free sodas dangerous. Drinking soda with a meal is best if you need it.


Sports drinks are sugary sodas covered up. Red Bull has lots of sugar. Even healthful drinks like vitamin water are heavy in sugar and can cause tooth rot if drank consistently.

Sport Drinks

Although they go well with cheese, these crackers might damage your teeth. Crackers' refined carbohydrates dissolve into sugar in your mouth and become trapped between your teeth.


Coffee stains teeth badly. Coffee can discolor teeth browner than tobacco over time. Avoid coffee to maintain white teeth.


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