8 Stereotypes About Turning 60 That Never Actually Happens

Everyone said that by 60, our wardrobe would be made of mostly pajamas and soft robes.

Trading Jeans for Jammies

We genuinely believed that we’d morph into the silent elders at parties. But, in reality, we’re the life of the event, belting out classics at karaoke and even dancing better than youngsters half our age.

Morphing into Mutes at Parties

Admit it; we all expected to be gulping down fiber supplements and porridge. Shockingly, our diets still have generous servings of chocolate cake, spicy tacos, and even occasional midnight ice cream.

Falling in Love with Fiber

A lovely image, but the reality is even better. We’re often on paddleboards, mountain trails, or even just cycling around town.

Becoming Professional Porch Sitters

However, our ears are perfectly tuned, especially when someone mentions a sale, a new restaurant, or some juicy gossip.

Instinctively Shouting, “What?”

While crosswords seemed like the expected pastime, the digital age got us hooked. Now, our days are filled with virtual reality games, interactive apps, and brain-teasing online challenges.

Cultivating a Love for Crosswords

Comfort was expected to reign supreme, and while it does, our shoe collection boasts of more than just orthopedic designs.

Wearing “Old People” Shoes