8 Foods To Avoid For A Great Night's Sleep 

Contains caffeine and sugar, both of which can disturb your sleep by keeping you awake or disrupting deep sleep phases​


The high-fat content in bacon hamburgers can cause acid reflux, leading to discomfort and sleep interruptions​

Bacon Hamburger

Rich in protein, chicken takes longer to digest, potentially keeping you awake due to increased brain activity from amino acids​


Its fatty cheese and acidic tomato sauce may trigger heartburn, disrupting your sleep quality


Loaded with fat and sugar, ice cream can hamper your sleep by affecting blood sugar levels

Ice Cream

The combination of sugar in cereal and milk can spike your blood sugar, leading to restless sleep​

Cereal And Milk

Spicy foods like hot pepper can increase body temperature and cause stomach upset, both of which affect sleep quality

Hot Pepper

Coffee's caffeine keeps you awake, while alcohol reduces REM sleep, both impairing sleep quality

Coffee And Alcohol

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