6 Ways to Make Your Lawn Maintenance-Free

Plant Native:

Choose climate- and soil-appropriate native plants and grasses. Native species need less water and care.

Mulch Beds 

Replace grass with mulch or ground covers. Mulch keeps moisture, weeds, and mowing down.

Synthetic Turf:

Artificial turf provides a lush lawn without mowing, watering, or fertilizing. High-quality artificial turf is realistic and green year-round.

Drip irrigation:

Drip irrigation efficiently waters plants. Drip irrigation saves water by soaking the roots directly.


Install stone paths, patios, or decks. Hardscaped outdoor spaces are low-maintenance and functional.

Permeable Pavers: 

Permeable pavers reduce runoff and save water.

Cut Lawn:

Reduce your grass and add garden or outside living space. Smaller lawns need less maintenance.

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