7 Ways To Reduce Your Mental Stress

Say No

Learn to say no to break the loop. Otherwise, your to-dos and expectations will grow. Your escape is impossible.

Say Yes

When your commitments are crushing you, you usually focus on what you have to do. You start to decline enjoyable activities that won't relieve your stress but will help you relax.

Ask For Help

Good job! Accepted aid. Nice, but you could do better. Next, ask for support to reduce your mental load.


Time to organize those (non-urgent) tasks taking up your time. Some things matter more! Prioritize tasks by time.


Learn to assign activities to lessen brain overload and ultimately breathe easy. Make it clear that you will no longer manage specific tasks.

Reduce Expectations

If your head is spinning and your to-do list is endless, your expectations may be too high. You may be overcommitting.

Manage Your Stress

Stress makes it impossible to keep up. Stress can motivate, but long-term stress is bad. Practice stress reduction daily or multiple times a day.

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