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10 Worst Rated Fruits in the World

Durian: Known for its strong odor, which some find unpleasant or overpowering.

Jackfruit: While some enjoy its sweet flavor and meaty texture, others find it too pungent or fibrous.

Guava: Some people dislike the gritty texture of guava or find its strong fragrance off-putting.

Passionfruit: The flavor of passionfruit is tart and intense, which can be off-putting to some.

Lychee: While many enjoy the sweet and floral flavor of lychee, some find its texture mushy or slimy.

Papaya: Papaya has a strong flavor that some find unpleasant, and its texture can be too mushy for some tastes.

Pomegranate: While prized for its health benefits and unique flavor, some find pomegranate seeds tedious to eat and the juice can be too tart for some palates.

Kiwi: Some people dislike the fuzzy texture of kiwi skin or find its flavor too tart.

Soursop: While soursop is prized for its sweet and tangy flavor, some find its texture too fibrous or slimy.

Kumquat: The unique tartness of kumquats, combined with their edible peel, can be an acquired taste for some.