10 Best Dog Breeds for Older Adults


Pugs are amiable and need little activity.

Cavalier King : 

A calm, flexible breed that enjoys company and adapts to many living situations.

Shih Tzu: 

These low-energy, friendly little canines love laps.

Bichon Frise:

Hypoallergenic bichons are friendly and helpful for allergy sufferers.


Maltese dogs are ideal inside pets due to their petite size and elegance.

French Bulldog:

French bulldogs are calm and affectionate, enjoying short walks and relaxing.

Cocker Spaniel

Their gentleness and modest activity make them perfect for elderly.


Pomeranians are little but active.

Boston Terrier: 

Massachusetts Terriers are smart and personable, making them adaptable to varied lifestyles.


Chihuahuas are compact and portable, making them great lap pets.