10 Asymmetrical Pixie Bob Haircuts and Hairstyles over 50

Side-Sweep Pixie Bob: 

A trendy pixie bob with larger side-swept bangs is dynamic.

Mismatched Pixie Bob: 

A messy, textured pixie bob is trendy and easygoing.

Undercut asymmetrical

A side undercut makes your pixie bob edgier.

Highlighted Pixie Bob: 

Subtle highlights in layered hair add character.


Playfully style an uneven pixie bob with larger front bangs.

Asymmetrical Tapered

Taper the sides of your pixie bob for a finished look.

Textured Pixie Bob: 

For a full, beautiful pixie bob, embrace your curls and add texture.

Layered Asymmetrical

Back layers add volume and dimension.

Asymmetrical Pixie Bob

A side part in your asymmetrical pixie bob adds sophistication.

Layered Pixie Bob:

Layered bangs give your pixie bob movement.

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