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The 20 Best European Beach Destinations

    The 20 Best European Beach Destinations

    Europe has many different beaches that are very beautiful. They range from sunny Mediterranean beaches to rocky Atlantic cliffs. There’s a perfect beach for everyone.

    Whether you want fun nightlife, peaceful getaways, old places to visit, or exciting water activities, Europe has everything.

     Come with us as we look at the top 20 European beach spots, where you’ll find clear water, sandy beaches, and unique things to do. Find your next favourite beach spot and start planning your next vacation.

    Here Are The 20 Best European Beach Destinations

    1. Nice, France

    The French Riviera is known for sea vacations. Nice, a big city there, is a great place to enjoy the sun. You can see the Mediterranean Sea with colorful buildings in the background in Art Deco and Baroque styles.

    2. Budva, Montenegro

    Montenegro is becoming a popular place to visit in the Balkans. It’s known for its mountains, called “black mountains.”

     But it also has a fantastic coastline between Croatia and Albania. While most tourists go to Kotor, we suggest staying in Budva instead. It’s cheaper, less crowded, and right by the Adriatic Sea!

    3. The Greek Islands

    Many dream of going on a Mediterranean vacation in Greece, hopping from one island to another. You’ll have a wonderful trip if you visit famous islands like Santorini and Mykonos or explore hidden treasures like Paros, Zakynthos, and Hydra.

    4. Cassis, France

    This little city by the Mediterranean Sea, between Marseille and Toulon, is excellent for people who want a calm and relaxed vacation in the South of France. The charming port town is like a miniature version of Nice but is close to the Calanques, a well-liked place for hiking. You can go for a day trip from Marseille or stay for a few nights to unwind and enjoy the peacefulness.

    5. Albanian Riviera

    Another popular place to visit in the Balkans is the Albanian Riviera in the southern part of the country. It’s great for people who love clear blue water and delicious seafood. Plus, it’s much cheaper than going to Greece or France. 

    The Albanian Riviera has three main towns: Saranda, Ksamil, and Himara, as well as some smaller towns nearby.

    6. Brighton, United Kingdom

    When people think of a beach vacation, they don’t usually think of the UK. But if you’re visiting London or like being by the sea, Brighton is a great choice. It’s only about an hour away from London. Stroll along the rocky shore, visit the Royal Pavilion, and enjoy the fun at the pier.

    7. The Camargue, France

    Southern France is a unique place with many natural wonders, animals, and fun activities. Near Arles is the Camargue Natural Park, a big protected area where you can find wild Camargue horses. You can also arrange horseback riding in the area, often on Camargue horses.

    8. Istria, Croatia

    This place in the northwest of Croatia is extraordinary to visit. It’s next to Italy and feels more like Italy than the rest of Croatia. The food here is unique compared to the rest of the country; you can find seafood, meat, truffle dishes, pizza, and olive oil.

    9. Barcelona, Spain

    There’s a reason people can’t get enough of Barcelona, to the point that, back in 2015, some residents put a sign on one of the beaches telling tourists to go home.

     Now, the tensions have cooled a bit, and you can enjoy this cosmopolitan city and its numerous beaches without fear of being told to leave!

    10. Southern Iceland

    Another unexpected place to visit for a beach trip is Iceland. It has some fantastic beaches along the south coast with black sand, similar to those in New Zealand or Hawaii. Just remember, it’s not as warm as those tropical destinations!

    11. Arcachon, France

    This cute beach town in southwest France, close to Bordeaux, feels like going back in time. The summer quarter has a great shopping street and beautiful 19th-century buildings that all visitors love.

     It’s also where you can find the main sandy beach, which is excellent for swimming in the summer and walking in the winter.

    12. Grinda, Sweden

    The Stockholm Archipelago has many small islands near Sweden’s capital. One popular place is Grinda, which is close to the city but feels different.

     It takes about two-and-a-half hours to get there by ferry from Stockholm. Once you arrive, you can explore the forest and swim to cool off.

    13. The Canary Islands, Spain

    These are a very popular place to visit in Europe because they have sunny weather all year. This is unusual, even in many places in the Mediterranean. As a result, there are now direct flights from many big European cities where you can enjoy warm weather anytime.

    14. Porto, Portugal

    In the last ten years, Lisbon has become a popular destination for people who like short city vacations and remote workers who use technology. But well-informed people go to a lovely town called Porto instead.

     Porto is known for its beautiful beaches, and the famous wine made there. It’s a great place to relax by the coast.

    15. Antibes, France

    Many tourists go to big cities like Nice or Cannes when they visit the Cote d’Azur. But Antibes, a smaller town between the two, is a great place to unwind. The Old Town is beautiful, with walls offering fantastic sea views and historic mansions.

    16. Alanya, Turkey

    People often think of Greece first when they want to visit the Mediterranean. But if you want to experience the region at its best, visit Turkey, too. One great spot is Alanya, a small town with lovely beaches and hotels. It’s also cheaper than places in the European Union.

    17. Biarritz, France

    Another gem in the southwest of France, Béziers is an up-and-coming destination popular with surfers. The waves here are some of the best in the country, particularly for beginners.

    18. Aran Islands, Ireland

    Connemara is a beautiful area in Ireland. If you want to see something unique, take a ferry to the Aran Islands. The Aran Islands are rugged and isolated limestone islands. You can visit them in a day from Galway or stay longer for hiking.

    19. Atlantic Coast, Netherlands

    Many people don’t think of the Netherlands as a beach destination. But in the Zeeland province in the south, there are many cute beach towns with long stretches of golden sand. Some popular ones are Domburg, Westkapelle, and Zoutelande.

    20. Bretagne, France

    The southern part of France is usually considered an excellent place for beach holidays. But don’t forget about the northwest corner called Bretagne, or Brittany in English. Here, you’ll find sandy beaches, different from the rocky ones in the Mediterranean.

    Europe’s beach destinations have beautiful nature, culture, and many different things to do. You can relax on beaches in the Mediterranean, explore rocky coastlines in the Atlantic, or swim in clear waters in the Adriatic.

     Each place has its unique charm. You’ll find something you love, whether you like busy beach towns or quiet spots by the sea. So, when planning your next vacation, think about these top European beach spots for relaxation, fun, and new experiences. Get your bags ready and prepare to make great memories on Europe’s amazing beaches.

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